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A Trio of Tragedies

The 2016 summer open air from upstart entertainment

mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Universität Basel  

Andrew Fernandes

Andrew Fernandes

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How it all began

on Tuesday, 09 March 2010. Posted in About

the spark of an idea

For years we’ve sat in this fabulous courtyard and listened to it scream at us to play Shakespeare here and we turned a deaf ear. Finally in 2011, we followed our instincts and played A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The turnout exceeded our expectations, the feedback was fantastic and ever since people have been harassing us as to when we would return with the next edition.

An enforced hiatus of a couple of years, and we're back in 2014 with Twelfth Night. 

We hope you come and enjoy some of the magic and if you think it’s a good idea to make this a regular feature then do send us your feedback. Upstart has set itself the goal of promoting young local talent, but we can only ever achieve anything with the help and support of our audience.

Andrew Fernandes and Nicolaia Marston


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